Artist Statement

The human experience relies on developing relationships and connection with others. These things, although not physically tangible, evolve in the spaces within and between individuals. These spaces are dynamic and complicated. My work explores these ideas abstractly, utilizing color, negative space, and the repetition of geometric form.

Choosing to work in salvaged steel, I am drawn to its materiality. It has a nature of permanence and weight that occupies a space so fully that it has to be recognized and navigated. It is imperfect, flawed, discarded, and renewed. Moments of beauty and ugliness can be discovered within my sculptures, representative of what can be found within the hearts and minds of humankind and our relationships with one another.

Often, my forms communicate both the cyclical nature of an emotional state of being, as well as, our actions in response to emotional input. Each sculpture divides and manifests responses differently. This communicates the universal existence of emotional connection, but underscores the diverse modality in achieving it.